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Bisobs jewelry is a line created to honor my family’s royal lineage, the Fondom of Pinyin in Cameroon, Central Africa. My love for jewelry design started at a very young age, when as a child, using local material, I designed jewelry for the Queen, my grandmother. Since that experience I have continued to create jewelry that reflects my royal heritage. My purpose is to use jewelry to remind my customers of how unique, noble, whole, loved and beautiful they are.

Bisobs pieces are designed with exotic, beautiful, unique beads and stones, crafted from my African heritage, as well as gems, pearls and so much more.

We’re all sons and daughters of a King.

Enjoy your Royal Experience. Fun fact, here is a picture of my grandpa

H.R.H Fon of Pinyin

Edward Tanni I




Within 14 days of purchase, in the event of factory defect, please return the item for replacement.

Vision statement
Vision statement

To become a royal brand for custom-made jewelry.

Mission statement
Mission statement

To inspire a royalty to inspire a royalty identity through my jewelry. My pieces symbolize nobility, dignity, exclusivity, elegance, beauty, freedom, wholeness, and love.

My services
My services
  • Custom design orders
  • Bisobs jewelry repair and restoration
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Jewelry refurbishment of other brands
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